Survey: What do you need from an IT system for CAMHS?

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The Future in Mind report stated that the collection of quality data is key to making improvements across children and young people’s mental health services. It recommended that CAMHS begin to follow the CYP IAPT model for consistent, comprehensive data collection. The national roll-out of the CYP IAPT programme will be complete by 2018.

CYP IAPT is built on principles of participation, and on efficient and effective working. The program involves the collection of feedback and outcomes as part of treatment sessions with children and young people. This places new demands on CAMHS.

Many services are still reliant on paper-based systems or Excel spreadsheets to collect and manage data. They will need to find a way to meet the practical challenges of collecting this new, extensive data set, which will likely require investment in IT.

We invite those who work in CAMHS to participate in a survey which seeks to understand more thoroughly what services currently use, what they want and what they need from a system. The survey will take just a couple of minutes to complete and your input will help to shape the way children and young people’s mental health services are supported in the future. Click here to complete the survey.

We’ll be sharing the results in an upcoming report, as well as at a series of events in the spring. To find out more and to be notified when the results are out, please sign up to receive the iaptus CYP newsletter.